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Looking for a quick and cheap ride in Rosebank or Sandton? Hop on one of our tuk-tuks.

Yes, it’s that kind of tuk-tuk you see winding its way through Indian and Thai traffic jams. But now, our zippy tuk-tuks will be navigating Jo’burg’s golden economic and social hubs – Rosebank and Sandton. No metres, no tabs, no hidden surprises – the costs are straightforward: R25.00 for up to 3km, R35.00 for up to 4km, R45.00 for up to 5km, R55.00 for up to 6km, R65.00 for up to 7km, R75.00 for up to 8km, R85.00 for up to 9km and R95.00 for up to 10km. And you get a super-friendly driver too.
Make a booking now!
Call 0861 743742 or Book Online. We’re available to zoom you around between 6:30am-9pm.