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Who We Are

Over the past four years, Shesha Tuks has grown from a startup company with a dream, to one which has changed the face of Gauteng public transport. Shesha currently operates 55 fully compliant tuk-tuks which provide fun, convenient and cost effective short haul transport in Sandton, Rosebank and Pretoria.
The eco-friendly nature of our vehicles is endorsed by our recent active participation in the pioneering Sandton Eco-mobility festival. Our main focus is to provide safe commuting for our customers and to empower driver-entrepreneurs, all while looking after our environment.


To be the first electric tuks to service the SA market and incubate young, black entrepeneurs to create employment opportunities and boost earnings potential for ordinary South Africans.


Promoting job creation and empowerment to a new generation of self-sustainable people and providing low cost, convenient and safe transport for our customers.
Our company goals are embedded in a culture of inclusive entrepreneurial empowerment.